I'm Niklas Risse.

Welcome! I'm Niklas, a PhD student and Software Engineer from Münster, Germany. At the crossroads of academia and industry, my passion lies in the intricate dance of machine learning, the steadfast guard of software security, and the craft of scalable web applications.

Machine learning is my canvas, where data paints the future. From neural networks to decision trees, I explore algorithms to make sense of the vast digital universe. With software security as my compass, I navigate the complexities of keeping that universe safe — ensuring that as our digital dependencies grow, so too does our resilience against cyber threats.

Beyond theory, I am drawn to the tangible creation of web applications. I take joy in the challenge of scalability, ensuring that the systems I build can not only perform but thrive under the pressure of growth.

In the synergy of theory and application, I find my purpose. If you're intrigued by the confluence of learning, security, and robust design, let's connect and create something impactful.

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